Latin Dance Tours in Istanbul 
(Salsa - Merengue - Cha Cha and more)

Latin Dances, Workshops and lessons in Istanbul - Turkey

Like in the rest of the world, Latin dances also enter to our life with an increasing speed. Now you can learn these hot dances and perform them in hot Latin dance nights in Istanbul. The most well known dances are:

Salsa: The word Salsa which means "sauce" in spanish, also explains the structure of the dance. The dance was founded by merge of Afro, Cuban and Jazz rhythms and can be danced by its 8 rhythm music and 3 beat steps. Most popular Salsa styles are Salsa Cubana and Salsa Puerto Ricana. Lately new styles like L.A., N.Y. Night Club style, Miami have been founded.

Merengue: Merengue means a kind of dessert and is a native dance of Dominics and Haiti. Because of his hot, sexy and easy nature, merengue is a highly popular among dancers. With his 8 rhythm music and 2 beat steps merengue can be danced in couples as well as in group.

Bachata: Bachata, mostly danced by poor and rural people of Dominic and Haiti, begin to step into the scene in 1960s. This romantic dance can be danced by her 4 rhythm music and her 4 beat steps. Well known bands and singers are Monchy y Alexandra, Aventura,  Alex Bueno and doubtless with his unique voice the pupil of Dominics Juan Luis Guerra.

Cha Cha: This dance was founded in Cuba in 1950s by developing of mambo rhythms and danced by two slow and three fast sweeping steps. Cuban style is more different with his close, sexy, joyful and fast movements from Ballroom Cha Cha which is more distant and more rigid,

Mambo: This new rhythm founded in 1940s and it blowed like a storm with its 8 rhythm music, fast, rapid and hot style. Like its Cha Cha cousin Cuban mambo is faster,sexier and more free than Ballroom mambo.

Samba: Samba is a Brasilian originated carnaval dance and it enters until Broadway in beginning of 20th century. With the effect of Europe, it transformed into a Ballroom dance. It danced by bouncing on 3 beat steps. Traditional Brasil samba varies from Ballroom samba by its agility and fast rhythm variety.

La Rueda: La Rueda de Casino became popular in Cuba with the rise of salsa in 1950s. The word means circle and dance in shape of circle. It uses salsa basic steps and movements  and can grow or shrink according the number of dancers and size of  dance floor. The leader leads the group, the dance and movements by hand signs or by commands. Every movement has a specific hand sign or command word. It is very enjoying dance for both dancer and audience.

Our dance classes and dance nights are given by our teacher, Gokhan Turker.

Gokhan Turker

Gokhan Turker was born in 1979 and met with Latin dances at 1997 ,Istanbul as he started with his undergraduate study at Bogazici(Bosphorus) University. After continuing to dance two years with an intense program, Gokhan Turker had finished his required four courses in 1999 and was ready for the next step. Instead of performing a show or entering a competitions, Gokhan Turker pays more attention to dance teaching. He also pioneered in founding of an Instructor Education Program in BUDANS. Having necessary educations about class management, instructor-student relations, m ovement showing and explanations for one year, Gokhan Turker continued his dance career as a  dance teacher since spring of 2000. Gokhan Turker is one of the well known dance teacher of the dance community.

At his stays in foreign countries Gokhan Turker always tried to develop his dance. During his stays in Europe and USA, he developed various techniques and styles.

During your stay in Istanbul, Turkey Gokhan Turker will be here to help you in learning these hot Latin dances by giving private dance classes as well as workshops for larger groups. He will guide you hot latin dance nights in Istanbul too(Cafes, Bars, Restaurant, Discos, Night Clubs. ) You can also purchase dance accessories from us.

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Private Dance Lessons ( Per Person )
1 - 3 pax
60 Euro
4 - 6 pax
50 Euro
7 - more
40 Euro
Child Supp.
Free under the age 6.
Lessons Include.
  • This is a private or group event upon request. We have group classes and if you want you can join them as well or take private classes during your visit.
  • Runs every eveninigs after 19:00 p.m
  • English Guidance and assistance service.
  • Workshop and Dance class is included.
  • Discount rates for students and groups.
  • For more info please send us an e-mail.

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