Things to do In Istanbul for Families with Children / Kids
Visiting a Zoo- Art Lessons - Aquarium - Dolphin Land with your children

Welcome to Istanbul - Our company is recommended in Lonely Planet guide book & Trusted since 2000. These are nice excursions for the families with children.

Istanbul Darica Zoo and Botanical Garden Tour

Visiting the Biggest Zoo in Turkey that is located in Darica with your family which is 1,5 hours driving from the city center.

Darica Zoo has 80 acre area, close to 200 varietias of animals with a population of more than 2,000 units of Species.

70.00 EUR per adult.

Available every day.

Departure at 08:30

Half Day Dolphin Show & Visit in Istanbul

A unique chance to explore the world of sea mammals. By taking a closer look at these magnificent creatures, you will learn a lot.

Dolphins, Walruses, Seals and a Whale… All charming and clever… And all are waiting for you…

70.00 EUR per adult.

Available every day.

Departure at 08:30

Turkish Art Workshops in Istanbul for Children

Learn the variety of Turkish Arts in Sultanahmet while you are spending your vacation. Marbling - Calligraphy - Tiles - Miniatures.

Our local artist will show you introductory lessons in all Traditional Turkish Arts like Calligraphy - Ebru - Tile Design - Pottery for Children.

55.00 EUR per adult.

Available daily.

Starting at 10:30

Istanbul Aquarium Visit

Visiting a giant aquarium, covers over 8 000 m2 and displays more than 10 000 sea creatures including sharks, giant stingrays, piranhas, octopi.

It boasts 43 different exhibits, the largest of which holds 4,5 million litres of water.

70.00 EUR per adult.

Available every day.

Departure at 08:30

Kilyos Swimming Tour
Kilyos is located in the northern part of Istanbul with a nice sand beaches and is a good idea to spend a full day relaxing in the beach with family.

Has suitable place for the children and families, playing in the beach, enjoying sun and swimming.

70.00 EUR per adult.

Available every day.

Departure at 08:30

Things to do in Istanbul with Children / Kids

Istanbul Toy Museum

Hidiv Kasrı and other historical mansions

Maiden Tower: Erected during the ancient age and constructed by renovations from the ages of the Ancient Rome, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire, Maiden’s Tower sits in the middle of the Bosphorus and serves as as a café – restaurant during the day time, a special restaurant in the evenings.

Princess islands – A mere 20 minute ferry ride from the Anatolian side, the Princess islands are a popular daytrip destination from İstanbul during the summer nights. Kids especially enjoy the carriage rides, as motorized traffic is not allowed on the islands.

Rahmi M. Koç Museum - Strollers are provided for visitors

Miniatürk - The miniature park of Istanbul. The park contains 120 models of historical buildings and structures, 57 of the which are from Istanbul, 51 are from Anatolia, and 12 are from the Ottoman territories that today lie outside of Turkey.

Topkapı Palace- Residence of the Ottoman sultans, the palace is a must-see for those who want to learn more about the Ottoman culture.

Istanbul Archeological Museums -Located in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet neighborhood, it operates three different museums under one administration: The Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Orient Museum (Eski Şark Eserleri Müzesi) and Tiled Kiosk Museum (Çinili Köşk Müzesi).

Galata Tower – One of the oldest and most important towers of the world, Galata Tower offers the panoramic view of Istanbul from its cafes and restaurants open from 9 am to 12 am.

Pera Museum – Located in Tepebaşı, the Pera Museum is an historical structure which was renovated in 2005 and now serves as a museum and cultural center.

Santral Istanbul – An international platform for arts, culture and learning, inspired by a comprehensive, multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary vision which promotes urban regeneration.
Located on the Golden Horn, santralistanbul organizes science, arts, technology and cultural workshops for children, teenagers and adults within santralatölye.

İstanbul Modern- Founded in 2004, İstanbul Modern was the first private museum to organize modern and contemporary art exhibitions in Turkey and it occupies a large site on the shores of the Bosphorus, encompassing 8,000 square meters. The Museum offers a wide array of services including permanent and temporary exhibition galleries, photography gallery, library, cinema center, restaurant and a design store. In addition, the Museum also offers video, educational and social programs.

Harbiye MilitaryMuseum – English website is not available. Strollers are checked in at the reception

Topkapı Sarayı – The residence of the Otoman Sultans, as well as the administrative and educational center of the state, the Topkapı Palace was constructed between 1460 and 1478. The palace consists of an imperial gate, four courtyards and the Harem, which is ticketed separately. An online brochure is available at Strollers are not allowed indoors.

Yıldız Parkı in Beşiktaş
Bebek Parkı in Bebek
Emirgan Korusu in Emirgan

Shopping with Kids:
Bağdat Avenue – Located on the Anatolian side, this is a 14 km. street that runs parallel to the coastline of the Sea of Marmara. The part that runs between Bostancı and Kızıltoprak is a popular place for shopping

Forum İstanbul, Bayrampaşa – Forum Istanbul, located in Istanbul Bayrampaşa on a total construction area of 495.000 square meters, is both Turkey’s and Europe’s biggest shopping and life center along with its 175.000 square meters of rentable area and its 265 brands, national and international. Forum Istanbul hosts Turkuazoo, a giant aquarium sized 8.000 square meters. At Forum Istanbul, which aims to make difference through its customer services, many details were contemplated in order to ensure the comfort of the families with children and to enable them to spend a pleasant day. There are 8 Family Rooms in Forum Istanbul. In family rooms all kinds of means are offered from milk heating units to diaper places and special toilets for children. In a total of 7 Baby Care Rooms which will render service between 9 AM and 10 PM, there are machines where parents may obtain diapers. Furthermore, in Forum Istanbul, there are approximately 20 baby strollers and also strollers designed for twins. Disabled and pregnant visitors of Forum Istanbul will be able to use the parking lots allocated for them through calling a special phone line.

Town Center – Located in Bakırköy, this shopping mall has a whole floor dedicated as a children’s activity area

Cevahir Mall – This shopping mall hosts the Atlantis Entertainment Center for kids.

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