Home Made Baklava Courses In Istanbul
Home Made Baklava Lessons

Turkish Baklava Making Workshop

Date: Available All Year Long 

Time:   Time is flexible but suitable at 10:30 or late afternoons

Duration : 3 - 4 Hours

Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry featured in many cuisines of the former Ottoman countries. It is a pastry made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped walnuts or pistachios and sweetened with syrup or honey.

About the workshop : In our professional kitchen we are organising traditional Turkish Baklava Making workshops..  Classes are available up to 25 people and it is hands on baklava making workshop..  You will make the baklava from the beginning process. In Addition to our Baklava workshop in istanbul, we will teach you how to make good Turkish Tea or Turkish Coffe ( Served with the Baklava ) 


Turkish cuisine is the similar version of Ottoman cuisine with some additionals from Central Asia, Middle East, Balkanian & mediterranian cuisines.

When you take a look at the whole frame, Turkish cuisine is full of varieties. Aside from common Turkish specialities that can be found throughout the country, there are also many region-specific specialities.

The Black Sea region's cuisine (northern Turkey) is based on corn and anchovies. The southeast—Urfa, Gaziantep and Adana—is famous for its kebabs, mezes and dough-based desserts such as baklava, kadayıf and künefe.

Especially in the western parts of Turkey, where olive trees are grown abundantly, olive oil is the major type of oil used for home made baklava lesson. The cuisines of the Aegean, Marmara and Mediterranean regions display basic characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine as they are rich in vegetables, herbs and fish. Central Anatolia is famous for its pastry specialities such as mantı and gozleme.

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Home Made Baklava Lessons

Home Made Baklava Lesson Istanbul ( Per Person )
11 - more
60 Euro
6-10 guest
65 Euro
3-5 guest
75 Euro
2 guest
140 Euro
1 guest
270 Euro
Workshop Includes
  • Runs everyday in the Morning & afternoon.
  • English Guidance and assistance service.
  • Ingredients and equipments for cooking is included.
  • For more info please send us an e-mail.