Sufi Culture Tour
( Sufis and Sufism in Istanbul - Konya - Turkey )

Sufi Culture in Istanbul - Konya - Turkey

Whirling Dervish Tours  in Istanbul, Konya, Turkey.The branch of Sufic mysticism practiced widely in contemporary Turkey is rooted in a man called Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, and is famous for its Whirling Dervish Tradition, where through rotating on the left foot by crossing over it with the right, the Dervish reaches a spinning intensity, rotating to the music that musicians play close by.
As we observe them  them revolve with their necks out and their head leaning to the side, we sense that they are in love with their way of life. Sufism is apart from the Islamic religion because of its nature as a kind of transcendental metaphysics which accepts all religions as one and is founded upon universal and unconditional forgiveness.
Sufism conjures up the ancient Ottoman Empire, a plethora of insences, colors, foods, magic, palaces, harems, bejeweled daggers, mosques - traditional dress codes with doll clothes -- turbans, pointy toed slippers, baggy trousers and tight fitting vests - everywhere everything decorated.

Please write us for the exact days.Also let us know if you are interested in learning the Whirling Dervishes dance, or meet dancers in person.

You can buy also their Cd's and dvd's,videos on or you can visit our real gallery where you can chose some nice sufi music cds to buy.

Each week in Istanbul there is a ceremony of the whirling dervishes. If you are interested you may write us.
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Idea : This tour gives the story of Sufism,Sufis and their communities in Istanbul, Turkey, today.You will meet the Sufi community and their monastery.You will listen to their music.You will eye-witness the Whirling Dervishes Ceremony. This ceremony is presented every week. Alternatively we also arrange weekly tours to Konya in Mevlana Week in every december.

For information concerning the Mevlena Week in Konya, please send us an e-mail.

Mevlana Week Tour - Konya - Turkey
Annual Seb-i Arus Ceremonies between 01 - 17 December 2011

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1 - 3 person
25 Euro
4 - 6 person
25 Euro
7 - more
20 Euro
Child Supp.
Free under the age 6.
Tour Includes.
  • This is a small group event runs upon request.
  • English Guidance and assistance service.
  • Sema in monastery is on monday nights.
  • Private transportation is included.
  • Discount rates for students and groups.
  • For Sufi Culture Tour, please send us an e-mail.

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