Safer routes new tours in Turkey
Is Turkey unsafer than any particular travel destination in the Mediterranean? Can we say Istanbul is more problematic than Athens or Cairo? No. The reverse is true. Yet, from various contacts I received particular concerns about safety during their stay in Turkey. Leaving to cast the 'first and any' stone to the pompous live broad-casters, here I prepared a few 'safe' suggestions for your travel.

New tours:
Same day in and out - The New Trend of 2008
An innovative concept: Istanbul - Kirklareli - Edirne Tour
Warfield Tours - Gallipolis ANZAC Site
Troy - Assos - Bergama
Expeditions to Konya - Celaleddin Rumi & St. Paul & Catalhoyuk

Light plane: same day in and out
Is it possible to leave at 8:30 visit Troy and be back at our hotel at latest 18:30. Sure. We did (a bit delayed but that was a special case). Same day in and out. Let's fly and tour Troy, Antioch, Ephesus or Hattusas.

Tailor made - tours for your size
Want to play who had garlic last night with your fellow traveller? Like the hustle and bustle of the packed tours and 'Yallah, yallah' tour guides? A willy-nilly holiday is not your destiny. Let's plan your trip together. Feel free to e-mail your private travel advisor.
Every face, every pace and every taste is welcome.
Your happy tailor.
Type: Round the clock, round the year, at your finger tips!

Business Travel Assistance
I work as a business Travel Assistant (BTA) for Litera Liaison Office. We have a collection of private services for business travellers. Litera has the largest opportunities for expatriates living in Istanbul.

Istanbul tours:

Wining in Europe and Dining in Asia
Istanbul sits astride on two continents; Europe and Asia.
This will be a private tour in two continents.

Ottoman Style
(Recommended after 'Istanbul tours: A tale of two cities')
This is a full orientation tour about town-sociology, components and symbols of Turkish-Islamic architecture and philosophy of life via Sinan's works.

Tours of faith:
Seven Churches of Revelation The Steps of St. Paul
'Some folk's say that the bible isn't true
Poke fun ole Noah ever sailed the blue
No boat ever beached on Mount Ararat
But my God knew all this and that'
From a poem by Ruth Hisey

Tours around Turkey
I have a national license with years long experience in private tours. Take a map of Turkey and choose your destination. Contact us  (please check in advance) and I will be there to pick you up; the airport, the marina, the hotel or the convention centre.

Who Am I ?

Many tour guides think that they belong to a distinguished species, a separate clan of Homo Sapiens, who know everything, make no faults, and have a magic power that makes everyone to believe and follow them.

Yet, the facts are otherwise. My story is a long list of faults from which I benefited a lot. Now I call them my experiences. Following a 'Huckleberry Fin' childhood and boarding school years, I finally 'fetched' my maths degree. My friends say that now I have a more analytical approach to the life, the past and the future. Am I a perfectionist, yes, in some sense.

I like my job, and if not interfered with a maladjusted itinerary of a desktop tour operator, I work with gusto. I think I am a neo-classical Mediterranean who tries to obtain a synthesis of the East and the West. I live in Istanbul, sitting astride on both continents, the Asia and the Europe.

The world is like a big theatre. Half of my face smiles to the just-married couple sitting on the right, while the other half shares the headache of the mature lady on the left. It is a heart-work.

I like to travel, to explore, to discover and to share. I have always wanted to be a guide, and I got my license in 1997. Well, life is a school and the journey never ends. I like to be in this beautiful country and to live four seasons in one day. Come on, let's share them!

Umit Ozaydin
Your guide in Turkey

Rates for a Qualified Tour Guide
Half day tour in Istanbul (3-4 hours)
100 Euro
Full day tour in Istanbul (6-8 hours)
150 Euro
Outside Istanbul
(8-10 hours)
200 Euro
Tour Includes.
  • This is private and half day professional tour
    guidance service
  • Runs everyday mornings or afternoons.
  • Discount rates for students and groups.
  • For more info please send us an e-mail.

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