Fashion and Textile Tours in Istanbul

Fashion and Textile Tours in Istanbul

The earliest sources found in the history of Turkish clothing date back to the miniatures and wall pictures uncovered in Central Asia. As the horse was the common and inevitable form of transport in the daily routine, women's and men's wear resembled each other (unisex). Leather and felt materials had priority due to natural and social conditions. In addition to these materials; shipskin, fur and woolen materials were major constituents in clothes of that period. Sources indicate that central Asian Turks used to wear leather boots, mintan shirt, a short caftan used with a belt and a kind of riding trousers loose at the top narrowing downwards suitable for horse riding.

Emigration from Asia to Anatolia caused many cultures to integrate. Clothes of the Seljuks were produced from materials such as wool, felt, camel's hair, fur, cotton and silk. The varied climate conditions in Anatolia required clothes to be used in all conditions. Cold climate areas brought in the use of fur linings. The principal material was composed of works of the highly developed art of weaving.

Idea : In this tour we can have some textile and  leather store where people make custom tailoring and you can visit textile clothing centers. Also we meet very famous turkish textile designer, companies, firms, fabrics, shops, textile centers in Istanbul. This tour is also for the people who wants to make business textile with Turkey in Textlie and fashion business textile. Please write us e-mail prior to this tour to get appointment.

Half Day Tour Price ( Per Person )
1 - 3 pax
65 Euro
4 - 6 pax
45 Euro
7 - more
30 Euro
Child Supp.
Free under the age 6.
Tour Includes.
  • This tour is private and Half day. Upon request it can convert to a full day tour with additions.
  • Runs everyday mornings or afternoons.
  • English Guidance and assistance service.
  • For more info please send us an e-mail.

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