|Wedding & Honey Moon in Turkey

Turkey is the newest destination for organized weddings abroad. And as many couples are finding out, it’s also the most romantic and convenient place to choose an exotic setting for their special day. Until recently, very few couples chose to tackle the procedures and language barriers on their own. However, all that has changed with the launch of Paradise Weddings, the only Australia or New Zeland expert in this field. With our help, Turkey is the perfect place to get married—romantic and exotic, with a wealth of history, warm climate and beautiful scenery. We make the whole process very simple, handling all the arrangements and taking away all the stress.
We have excellent relationships with the local authorities, helping couples comply with all legal requirements. Our staff is bi-lingual in Turkish and English, removing the language barrier. Above all, we know Turkey extremely well, and have excellent ideas for venues as well as catering and entertainment.
At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey has a rich culture and a history of tolerance towards those of different religions. In addition to the legal marriage ceremony, Paradise Weddings can accommodate all faiths, arranging Christian, Islamic and Jewish blessings as well as ceremonies for the renewal of vows. Since it is only a short flight from the Australia or New Zeland, it is easy for wedding guests to fly out to join the couple if they wish. There is no shortage of exciting places to visit and things to do for a really unique wedding in Turkey. How about ...

• Getting married at the traditional Turkish wooden yacht as ‘gulet’ on the most romantic secluded bays of Bodrum and Göcek, have a celebration with a speed boat under the full-moon. Throwing an evening or even a week-long party for friends and family aboard a traditional Turkish sailing boat, known as a gulet .

• Floating in a hot air balloon over the strange lunar landscape of Cappadocia, with its fairy chimneys and unusual rock formations—-like nothing on earth.

• Getting married on one of Turkey’s beautiful beaches and beach venues in Bodrum or Just imagine marrying at the castle of Bodrum, with its beautiful panorama. And you can continue for your dream cruise after ceremony opposite of the Bodrum Castle.

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