Psoriasis Treatment & Skin Diseases
Sivas - Turkey


As known, Kangal psoriasis fishy treatment center is unique in the world. Scientific researches and the observation on current patients show us there are many factors to recover the psoriasis in the thermal center. There are mainly 5 natural effect for recovering the psoriasis:

1- The physical contact of doctor fish, 4 to 8 hours decapitage of squams by fish.
2- The effect of selenium that spa has
3- The direct effect of natural ultraviolet radiation thanks to the high altitude (1650 mt.)
4- Jacuzzi effect of the pools since the source of spa is spreaded at the base of the each pool.
5- Reverse Koebner phenomenon
For more information about each method we kindly would like you to browse scientific researches pages. During the treatment sessions, patients also should help themselves in order to get the full advantage of the spa. This point is essentially important for the treatment sessions. Here are the important effects and rules that must be taken great care by the patients:

1- Drinking at least 3 glasses of healing water before breakfast with an empty stomach
2- Entering the pool after having breakfast
3- Therapy starts through healing water rich in minerals and healing fishes.
4- The healing sessions by the doctor fish living at the a water temperature of 37 C (Scientifically no fish live in water with temperature exceeding 28 C). There are 2 different types of this fish: The strikers and lickers
5- Along with the healing water containing the element selenium (known to be most effective in curing dermatological diseases) the healing fish starts the healing process
6- Entering the pool twice a day, staying in the water for eight hours in total per day
7- No alcohol should be taken during the therapy
8- No other medicine or any medication for psoriasis should be taken during the cure
9- The therapy must continue for 21 days; a period of stay of 8 hours per day in the pool must be observed. Patients will gain 100% result by considering this important step
10- Psoriasis affected patients applying these important rules will leave the springs with total healing.

** The concentration of selenium, the friendliest element for the skin is 1g per liter at the spa.

As can be seen from the explanations and the researches, the treatment is a simple collaboration of the nature and the patient. As long as the patient obey the rules, whatever the degree of your illness the success is such close.

For more information regarding the treatment, please send us an e-mail.