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Monday, August 20, 2007


Shoot! Lights! Camera! Roll! Based on a real story, the “Condemned” opens the gates into different worlds.

A movie picture yet to be shot; but a project ready to be shot. A motion picture goes through various stages in the mind of its writer, or writers, from the very moment that it has been conceived. And, the Condemned is now on its last stages. Shoot! Lights! Camera! Roll! The Condemned is letting you get into different worlds by setting off from a real story. Only a mysterious event’s itself provides for a mysterious world to emerge! And that’s not all! The Condemned is a journey into the mystical world of East; just like it is in the Tales from 1001-Nights… And that’s not all! The Condemned is also a financial project. You’ll find all further details on the pages of…

“How did the ‘Condemned’ come about?

Everything began in 1991. My dear friend, Assistant Professor Haluk Savaş, a psychiatrist, had once told me of a story, in which the things; the events to be precise, get rather complicated after a novice hypnotist performs a hypnosis session on a medical student friend of his. And so the idea, that the very moment that this event had come to a point of break would in fact be very beginning of an exciting cinema movie, has been on and off my mind since that day! That certain subject; a person in question, who was going through the events and things that he’d actually experienced the week before during that particular hypnosis session, had a gut feeling that he was, in fact, being watched. Afterwards, this novice hypnotist friend of mine would bring his patient back to his normal state and they both would just prefer to forget all about it; as if the session had ever taken place. However, it is said that everything starts by an event that one has got to tell about. Hence, a storyteller never keeps quiet! “What if they had carried on?” Well, that was the question that kept on going round the circles in my mind through which the “Condemned” was eventually born. So, by 2003, I’d already established the very first story exchange team for the “Condemned”. First of all, I had to put the story into a sequence. Furthermore, the story had to be absolutely perfect! Hence, myself and almost 10 other bright and young friends of mine, we have altogether developed this story and the treatment during the period, coming all the way up to January 2005. Here, I must also stress the fact that we’ve never stopped perfecting it until we were all totally satisfied with it, for we wanted to find any and all the answers to the questions that boggled our minds. We were like the audience watching the film, but without any fun and satisfaction! So much so that, at certain times, we would find ourselves in deeply heated arguments because of that perfectionist approach we had. At times like those, we would just put the “Condemned” aside and let our thoughts and feelings to settle down a little. Once we were back together, we would then find out, all to our amusement, that our minds had already done the trick and provided the much-needed solutions, so we would all carry on with our works. Eventually, by the spring of 2005, the script of the “Condemned” was all ready to be consulted and/or discussed with the players. Now, we had a script; a script that is full of excitement and mysteries that would make one bursting with wonders… From now on, the, will be our companion for the path that the “Condemned” will follow through. Well , the story has still been going round and round in our minds. “The Condemned” will be my first motion picture. And, like all things initial, it would be the most challenging one. We shall present this film to the cinema audiences, both at home and abroad, by a method of ‘little contemporary help’. And now, it’s the time to say something new!

An Internet project:

How do you visit the is NOT a site about cinema films. In other words, it bears no relationship or likeness to the sites that are about the newly opened or already shown cinema films, because the “Condemned” project has YET to open! What we basically aim to do here is to transfer the pre-production and during-production stages and events on to the Internet environment. will attempt to form a synergy, as well as to inform all the concerned parties about the production stages and ongoing developments. Under the heading called “Method” you will be able to keep up with all the latest development stages, as well as a chance to participate in those stages.

User Instructions:

What’s aimed here is that the users do help us in our direction by posting their comments on contents published on the site, by requesting further information from us and inform us on various relevant matters. For example, any suggestions and comments, with regards to ‘financial development stage of the ‘Mahkum Project’, may be posted under its relevant header. Again, any suggestions or comments, say, with regards to the script, should be posted under its relevant header and/or categories. Therefore, we would like you to pay attention to that point; as, for example, a comment or a suggestion on finance posted under the ‘synopses’ header would make the proper use of the site rather difficult. Visitors to may also extend and expand upon all kinds of questions, or make inquiries, or simply submit their suggestions and comments. Furthermore, the visitors to / users of may supplement the to contents of the site by posting any and all original or quoted texts. Last but not least, the users may also submit links for sources that they may come across the Internet.

In production stages of any cinema film, basically, two types of people are involved: 1-Creative team; 2- Production team. The creative team works in conjunction with the scriptwriter and the director, whereas the production team as a whole puts their work and efforts with respect to providing of the technical assistance and of finding the solutions regarding the production itself. In most cases, the production team works in coordination with the producer ‘prior the shooting’, and with the director’ during the shooting’, respectively. There is also visualization / visual effects team that gets involve during the shooting. But this team cannot exactly be classified within the creative team and consist of persons who run and use the camera and the lights. We expect users and visitors to get actively involved in the matters with which they are familiar, or simply feel close to, rather than just following the contents sent in or submitted to the As a project, the Mahkum Project is an open-to-all, transparent project. For the users / visitors, who may wish to participate in the creative team, to state accordingly on what exactly they would like to do may be sufficient. In the same manner, any users / visitors to who wishes to take up a position in any one of the other teams may just do so by communicating through the site. In a way, the is ‘the office’ for the Mahkum Project. Just like the conversations and discussion, as well as the exchange of information that take place at the physical offices of a production company during the making stages of a cinema film, is what’s exactly expected to take place at the

Any and all possible ‘situations’, such as; an open position, a possible request for assisting in production etc. that may be needed by shall be announced in the until the very day that the opening copies of this project is distributed to the movie theatres.
This is an open invitation to all.

Gökhan Yorgancıgil
(Script Writer & Director)




A sensitive, compulsive and introvert girl…

She is born in 1983 in Istanbul as an only child of a family. Her father, Tarık Bey, who worked as a manager/assistant manager for a medium-to-large size company for about 15 years, is now retired after 25 years of working life. Aslı’s parents have somewhat a troublesome marriage that, given the circumstances, would have been ended up in divorce a few times over; but saved for the sake of Aslı, although the pair has gone through a few separations that lasted for months. Those apparent difficulties in their marriage, as well as the separate lives her parents went through, consequently affect Aslı’s personality to a great extend. Aslı’s mom, Sema Hanım, also retired, is a French language teacher who worked in various high schools in Istanbul. Nowadays, with both retired, they have been living their lives in a rather more laid back manner; just going through their retirements. Due to having a breast cancer with 2 operations already performed, while Sema Hanim has been going through a period of intense hospital treatment, Tarık Bey, on the other hand, being an ambitious painter and follower of the art of oil-based painting since his early youth, is a man who has been very anxious to hold his own personal paintings exhibition, and hence his influence on Aslı’s preferring to go to an arts school. However, Tarik bey has also been trying his best to further influence Aslı that she must not only become a painter, but also an arts teacher, by taking her formation subjects there and than whilst at the college, so that she could at least secure her future financially. Though Tarık bey has been pressing on this matter, Aslı is somewhat unsure of herself that if she could ever handle being an arts teacher; for that is not her, at all. Aslı and her family have been living in their own house at Caddebostan since she was a child. After a primary school in Bostancı, she goes to a private school for her secondary and higher education during which she is awarded an honors degree; though only once or twice. At general parents-and-teachers meetings, her teachers remarks to Tarık bey and Sema hanım as saying: “if she is to put her mind into the subjects she’ll do just fine, but unfortunately we feel that she is rather absent and lacks in concentration, and she is not so concerned with her subjects as much as she should be”. As Aslı’s guidance teacher once told to her parents: “she must definitely find some activity outside her studies”, Aslı, with the influence of her dad, starts to paint at the age of 14. If there’s one single person who might have had an influence on Aslı during her primary school years, it is her primary school teacher, named Hüseyin. During those years, Hüseyin, the teacher, always treats Aslı as someone different; someone rather special, in comparison to all other kids who are in fact much brighter and more successful in their lessons than Aslı is. It is he, Hüseyin the teacher, who introduces Aslı to the ‘taste of reading’; all the while successfully drawing Aslı’s attention to the Eastern cultures, for he has loads of affection to and interest in traditional eastern cultures. So, progressing from there, Aslı has always had this specific affection for, and inclination to, the arts of Indian and Muslim cultures, instead of that Western paintings and illustrations. She always kept those Eastern mysteries and telltales on her bedside. Though her independent decision to go no other school but to an arts college during the preparations for the university entrance exams causes some rows and upheavals at home at the time, having passed the university exams, she enrolls for the Department of Fine Arts & Illustration at Marmara University, but this time with all the approval and blessings of the family. Being the one and only child, Aslı has always spent her playtimes on her own and has not made very many friends; let alone some close friends. Well, whether Aslı ‘is not’ or ‘can not’ make many friends is something that Aslı’s parents still often debates. So given the circumstances that Sema and Tarık argued one another about their marital or personal problems in front of Aslı, these rows deeply effected Aslı as she is subjected to those arguments over and over again since she was a young child which in return created much deeper and seated emotional wounds in her. After all, due to her nature, she is a rather sensitive child anyway. As a result, she prefers to escape into her own, reclusive world and gets into magical worlds of painting books and storybooks where she managed to find some happiness. She created a one-person world, that is all to herself, from a very early age. On the contrary to her contemporaries, she consciously keeps away from becoming a socializing-type of person during her puberty period. Her schoolmates see Aslı as an “odd girl”. During her early school years, hearing an accusation that she had stolen a girl’s pencil she’d gone through an emotional burst in which no one; even her teachers, could succeed to calm her down and as a result she’s taken to an emergency ward of a private hospital. After that incident, students at the school take an attitude against Aslı for her having been treated like a “special student” whose whole body had gone as if frozen during that instance. This, too, is one of those ‘saddest events’ in Aslı’s life. To her, best times of her life are the times when she’d started to paint with her dad which unfortunately not lasted for too long because of her parents’ separation. Aslı, as an undergraduate student at MÜGSF, is a kind of girl who would not utter a word for all day or, hang around with her hair undone wearing come what may. It will be good chance seeing her in the canteen; except to buy some stationary or just to have a cup of tea… Like herself, her drawings and illustrations are much different from the others. However, Müfit, one of her teachers, is already aware of her different qualities and feels that Aslı’s artistic work is bound to get her to the top of the ladder. Her closest friend, a pal in fact, is a girl named Nevin with whom she went to primary school. Hence, Nevin is the one and only very person with whom she can converse at her best, but despite having their differences. The reason for those differences is because of their contrasting personalities. Whilst Nevin possess a personality with never-ending wishes and demands, Aslı is after nothing; she just doesn’t feel like doing anything anyway. Aslı never maintains an eye contact with the persons, also including Nevin, that she converses with, whereas Nevin gets as close to Aslı as possible, so she could see her eyes! Aslı always speaks in low voice and her posture is somewhat hunched, with her long and straight hair covering half her face and cheeks. Aslı is rather disinterested in what happens around her; whether walking the road or at school… However, her anti-social attitude isn’t to that extend which makes that a condition in itself. She’s more talkative at times, and when she is talkative you can be sure that she talks about something important; something that she is really concerned about, even though may not mean much for the listener. She exchanges notes and books with a handful of people at school, but she has no other forms of friendships beyond that. Whereas, Nevin comes to Aslı’s school to see her perhaps 2 or 3 times a week and takes her, or tries to take her, out to movies or shopping. Sometimes they go out to drink tea or coffee at places ‘special’ to them. Usually Nevin is the speaker and Aslı is the listener with an odd comment or two thrown in. Listening to what Nevin talks about, Aslı finds herself in things she’d either never been or never done which in turn makes her all the more attached to Nevin. Aslı yearns for a drawing / painting workshop when she graduates and she sees that workshop as a holy shrine where students would come to paint and draw freely not a tool to utilize on the way to making money. Naturally her family is not really fond of that idea. Though their monthly income is reasonable, the family still think that Aslı should manage to stand on her own feet. Aslı is full of pride. Perhaps that’s why she has never had an experience with the opposite sex. Just once, during her high school years, she had falling in love with a boy from another class; a kind of distant affection rather than a relationship, but finding out that the boy was going out with some girl, she had come to realize that her pride was rather strong and that she would not dare to hurt it.



Highly charming, witty, joyful, fun loving, hyperactive and extravert daughter of a full-of-madness and adventurous father and an aggressive introvert mother.

She is also born in 1983. Highly excitable, joyful, fun loving, hyperactive and extravert daughter of a full-of-madness and adventurous father and an aggressive introvert mother. She has a brother, who is twenty years senior of her. She lives with her -now- aged parents. Nevin’s dad, a retired bank officer, is still smartly dressed as ever despite his age, and regularly goes to play the bridge and never stops himself from flirting with any and all women of all ages around him. So much so that her mom is now grown tired of following his debauchedness and feeling all sad and angry over him. Nevin’s childhood and youth is spent listening to things, tales and arguments about his father’s gambling habits and debauchedness. However, despite all of that, her parents’ marriage is always better than Aslı’s parents’. Nevin is a person who prefers to give instant reaction; she’s never good at hiding her feelings, emotions and thoughts. She is the type who can never accept negative situations. She is a fighter and a motion-lover who is generally seen as trying to pull things together as a result of wrong steps she takes. Her IQ is high for sure. Though one could never see her head buried inside the textbooks she always manages to get good marks. One and only time she had to study hard is during the preparations for university entrance exams; upon which she bases her argument that she could be a self-disciplined hard-studying person; provided that she wants to be and do so. She is an inconstant person; what she wants the most today is what she wouldn’t lift a finger for tomorrow. Yesterday’s dreams are all but gone today. Nevin only trusts Aslı. For Aslı is her marina where she finds the much needed comfort and confinement that helps her to calm down while providing an escape from her highly excitable and anxious inner world, she loves Aslı. She always shares all that happens in her love life and inner self. But only with Aslı… She tends to have a rather busy love life but she is never a debauchee or an easy pull. Though she falls in love frequently, she still finds the time for her studies; she’s a last-year undergraduate at School of Medicine - M.Ü. She’s been through some love affairs with boys from her own school that lasted only a few months, but has never been happy emotionally. Over-indulging in idealization of the ones she loved only to later realize the truth about them upon facing the facts and realities of life leaves Nevin totally disappointed. An inner voice tells her to fall in love with someone who is considerably older than her. Hence, the physician Melih Değirmenci, seems to be the first nominee under the circumstances. Recently, she’s been through the notions of whether she should take her closest pal Aslı to Melih Değirmenci for a consultation, as she is need of some emotional help. Would it possibly be that she’s been mixing up her restrained feelings with the emotional needs of her pal Aslı? She has made herself believe in the idea that visiting Melih impulsively one of these days; when she goes to see Aslı at her school, would be just right. So, even though she does not treat the fortune telling as something serious, she is in the mood nowadays for all kinds of fortune telling. She is very much into mysterious things and matters. Though what she loves most are the horror type of movies, she cannot stop herself from shedding all her tears when watching love story-type movies. After all those years at school of medicine, she is doing just fine as a last-year undergraduate student, thanks to her brains. Though she tends to be a little more tenser than her usual self, nevertheless, her ‘just some essence” approach to studying for exams pays off well.



An extremely tidy, aristocrat, self-contained and hard working physician:

Born in Izmir in 1967. His father, Ömer Değirmenci, upon assisting his son Melih to win the university entrance exams for the School of Medicine at Ege University to become a physician and, making an excuse of his apparently old age, moves to Alsancak - Izmir after disposing a huge part of his massive real estate in Ödemiş, after buying another large, rather valuable property in Alsancak for his family to live in. Melih is the only son of the family with two younger sisters. His mom, Nahide Hanım, is an established aristocrat born in Kuşadası, with her family background going all the way back to the times of Ottoman empire. However, ever worsening wealth of her family during her youth is in turn forces her to marry this wealthy man originally from Ödemiş. Although living in a small town like Ödemiş, Nahide Hanım brings up all her children with that ‘learned palace attitude and discipline’. Though for years on end she feels somewhat uneasy with her husband’s feudal background, Nahide Hanım neither shows that feeling of unease, nor ever says a word about it to her husband, or to the children. However, this is never the case for the children. First and most of all, the eldest of the three children, Melih, always resents the fact and hence he almost blames his father for being a feudal, simple country folk. Furthermore, being the eldest son of the household, he is in a hidden competition with Ömer; his father. As a result of possessing personal characteristics such as those, he is grown to become an extremely tidy, careful, aristocrat, self-contained and hard working physician. Though he never lacks in self-esteem and confidence, nevertheless he doesn’t think of himself so highly either, especially when he’s all by himself; listening to nothing but to himself. In other words, he is always concerned and preoccupy with making his overall physical looks and personality as best as possible; he takes great care in his looks, speech and style, he dresses well and converse slowly and chooses his words very carefully. He prefers to be practical rather than theoretical. Though very much interested in theoretical aspects of his profession and the life overall, he is slow in further developing and educating himself when it comes to the matters based on theory. Naturally, the reason for that shortcoming is not because he is one of those unlucky ones who is under privileged by nature, but the social environment that he circulates in. Being born to a rather wealthy family, he lives in such social environments that fulfill and suitable for the habits of his bourgeois upbringing. Though his father had moved to Izmir so Melih could have a better education, Melih prefers, once more, to stay away from his father, and so, moves away and settles in Istanbul. His contemporary looks and actions, in fact, are only a cover-up for his extremely conservative and fixed opinioned personality. In saying that, we must point out that ‘his conservativeness’ is not in a political sense as such, but in ‘being close and non-adoptive to new views and opinions’. But, the experience, that he shall go through during and after the hypnosis sessions, will pave the way for deep and extreme changes that shall occur in him in due course.



Mysterious, startling, with a childish-soul, “someone special”…

Telltales play an important role in the existing script of the Mahkum. The telltale below is of those, which has been lived in Anatolia and told by generations after generation. You can read our telltale as adapted in our existing script.

Little Boy and Zümrüd-ü Anka Bird


Once upon a time… at long gone times; times when the fly was the barber and, the mule was the player, donkey was the dancer and, when I used to swing the cradle of my dad from one side to another, there was a sultan who had a son.

The Sultan had a magnificently beautiful garden that everybody envied. One of those many days, a Giant visited the garden, and as time went by, the Giant got into the habit of frequently visiting the garden. The giant continuously damages the garden while at the same time challenges the Sultan. Anyway, then one-day, the Sultan’s son forges ahead and says: “I’ll kill the Giant”. The boy, being a very capable arrow shooter, acts before the Giant and wounds him with his shot. The Giant escapes, the boy chases… and so on… After a time, the Giant dives into a well and disappears from the sight. The little boy follows right in and using his rope, he climbs down the well. Watching their youngest brothers diving into the well feel ashamed and, they, too, let themselves into to well using ropes after the Giant and the boy. But the well is very deep and the ropes they use are too short and thin to reach to the bottom of the well. So, they decide to let their brave brothers instead to land into the bottom of the well. Though the rope is also short and thin for this brave little boy, he just let go off the rope an falls into the very depths of the well. Trying to get himself off the ground and collect his senses, raising his head upwards the boy sees 3 very beautiful girls who have been knitting embroideries. The boy asks of the Giant. In response, the girls say: “He is our guardian”. Just at this time, once again the Giant angrily appears before the boy, but this time he cannot escapes the boy’s arrows. Having killed the Giant, the boy shouts at his brothers, who are waiting for his good news, to dangle a stronger and longer piece of rope. Then he ties the rope around the eldest of the girls and shouts at his eldest brother: “this one is yours”. Then he ties the other rope around the middle girl and shouts at his middle brother: “this one is yours”. At that point the boy realizes that the youngest of the girls; and the last one, is the most beautiful of them all. So, he also ties a rope around this girl and shouts at his brothers: “and, this one is my share”. Pulling the last girl up the well and seeing how beautiful the girl is, his brothers are all gob smacked… So much so that, talking to one another in jealousy and murmuring “He’s kept the most beautiful of them to himself” they let the rope loose, and the boy and the girl get stuck in the bottom of the well all on their own…

Already worn out because of the battle he’d fought, and seeing that his brothers had let the rope loose, the boy realizes that he’s been betrayed and crawling through a cave he arrives at an underground province. He looks for a tree suitable for him take a little nap underneath. Going through the trees one by one and looking up to see if it’s suitable candidate, he notices deceitful sneak, sneaking towards some bird’s eggs in a nest upon a branch. He shoots an arrow at the sneak and falls asleep there and then.

As he wakes he cannot believe his eyes… A massive bird, with her large wings fully stretched to sides to provide the boy with some shade. He realizes that the bird’s been paying her dues for he saved her eggs. She starts to speak: “They call me Zümrüd- ü Anka bird. I am the mistress of all the birds. I feel deeply moved and flattered for what you’ve done that saved my unborn chicks from that deceitful snake.” And carries on: “Do take those 2 feathers of mine, and if you ever happen to be in trouble, just rub those two feathers to one another. I’ll be there at once and sort out all your troubles”.

So, the boys picks those two feathers the Zümrüd- ü Anka bird gave him and sets off. Now, the has to find a way of getting out of here and reach the ground. Thinking about how on earth he could possibly manage to do that, he suddenly remembers what the Zümrüd- ü Anka bird had told him and thinks to himself: “As I now have those two feathers off the Zümrüd-ü Anka bird and that she said that she would make my wishes come true, then, why don’t I ask her to get me out of here and put me on to the ground?” He rubs the two feathers one another and, there and then the bird instantly appears… “Get me to the ground” he says. “Okay” says the bird and lifts the boy onto her back.

They immediately set off as the boy makes himself comfortable on the back of the bird and they journey for miles and miles. Eventually bird gets the boy to the ground. However, the boy’s journey isn’t over yet, because he’ll have to walk a long time to get to his country. Anyway, after a long walk, the boy gets to the city where his father and brothers live.

The boy, anxious to get the news of his father and elder brothers, eventually learns that his elder brothers are to wed in about forty-days time with those two girls whom he helped getting out of the well. Although very much missing and longing for his father, the boy doesn’t wish to get to the palace at once and discloses his identity. He wonders what actually his brothers may have told his father. So, anyway, he finds himself a job at a jeweler and begins to work. In order not to disclose his real identity, he puts tripe over his head and becomes Keloğlan.

There’s an ongoing rush everywhere in the palace as the wedding day approaches. Jewels, that are the most elegant off all times, are being prepared for the brides. However, there is only one diamond branch for two brides. So, in order not to create any hostility between the two brides, the most capable of the jewel maker is called into the palace and asked to create another diamond branch, even for the sake of his life, from that existing one branch. Though the jeweler insists that such a request is just impossible to implement, it is to no avail, he is told he must! And, can you guess who is the apprentice of the jeweler, my dear boy? The heir to the throne; the boy…

- What’s an heir mom?

Meaning the youngest son of the Sultan… Anyway… While the jewel maker’s been thinking how on earth he’ll manage to fulfil that request, his apprentice says: “I can split the diamond branch into two! But I’ll have to lock myself inside that room and no one must see me for a period of forty days”. Having no other choice, the jeweler accepts the boy’s proposal. So, the boy locks himself in to the room. The jeweler, wondering what the boy may be up to, peeps through the keyhole for the whole of the 39 days, but never once does he see the boy actually doing something! The boy in the room just hangs around and lies on the sofa! Anyway, on the fortieth day, the boy rubs the two feathers one another and Zümrüd- ü Anka bird instantly appears in the room and, there and then creates a diamond branch as the boy asks of her. When the Sultan’s soldiers arrive to fetch the diamond branches, the boy insists: “I must deliver those to the Sultan with my own hands”. So, the soldiers, though reluctant, agree with the boy’s request for they are concerned that the branches may break.

The boy, handing the diamond branches to the Sultan, says: “You have something that belongs to me”. Hearing the boy’s words, the people around are totally amazed at this daring attitude of the young boy. The Sultan, also surprised and angry, asks the boy: “So, what that might be, boy?”. The boy replies: “The youngest of the girls, who came out the well, is mine”. The Sultan is all the more angry now and, just as the Sultan is about to raise his voice to say “How dare are you boy!”, the boy interrupts and carries on: “If you should find a stain on the upper backside of the girl that exactly matches to the shape of my hand, then she is mine, but if not, then she is yours”. So, they immediately look at the girl’s upper backside. Well, what do you think they see? Yes, there’s a stain on the upper backside of the girl that just as big as to fit the boy’s hand. As it turns out, back in the well, after the boy killed the giant, he holds the girl at her back to tie the rope around her; all the while his hands covered in blood… so, the blood stain dries and remains with the girl all that time… Anyway, seeing the actual dried bloodstain on the upper backside of the girl, the Sultan immediately realizes that the boy is his real son, and he begins to shed tears. Seeing the Sultan cry, Keloğlan takes the tripe off his head and goes hugs his dad and, they hug one another for a while just like that. Having learnt the truth, the Sultan is angry and very crossed with the elder brothers of the boy, but the boy stops the Sultan. And his elder brothers, realizing how indecent and horrible is the thing they have done feel ashamed of and very sorry of themselves.

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